We offer the best and competitive pricing for a very large range of Spare parts & Consumables for Power & Industrial applications. Parts for Gas & Steam Turbines, Generators & Balance Of Plant is our core strength and forms the major focus of our business operations.
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Product Profile
Gas Turbine Plants
  OEM & After-market Spare Parts for Westinghouse , Mitsubishi & GE Frame 3,/ 5/6/7/9 Gas Turbines including:
Combustion Hardware
Re-blading accessories
Hot Gas path Components- buckets, nozzles, combustion liners, flow sleeves etc.
Fuel system- Flow dividers, fuel nozzles, relief valves, fuel pumps
Control System modules including GE Mk IV/V/VI
Air Intake filter elements
Thermal Insulation & cladding
Field Instruments- flow , pressure, temperature gauges, thermocouples, RTDs etc.
Generator coils & re-winding accessories & consumables
Generator retaining rings

Brush Assemblies , brush holders, oil seals, bearings

Steam Turbine Plants
Pumps for feed, condensate, cooling, lubrication & fuel system applications
Tube Cleaning equipment & consumables for Heat Exchangers / Condensers
Ejectors & Vacuum pumps
Valves & Actuators
Filters, Traps & strainers
Process Industries –Refining , Petro-Chemical , Water treatment , Desalination
Process Pumps
Valves & actuators
Heat Exchangers
Filters, traps & strainers
Machine Tools
Special purpose machines
Material handling & packaging equipment
Engineering materials
Control & Instrumentation
Field Instruments- flow , pressure, temperature gauges, sensors, thermocouples, RTDs , transmitters etc.
Communication Hardware
Control Valves, Actuators, Solenoids
Electrical motors
Switchgear, MCCBs, Isolators
Relays, contactors, fuses
Power & Instrument Transformers, CTs, PTs
Tools – Machine Tools, hand tools & special tools
Consumables for Maintenance & Overhauls- welding, surface preparation, coating, lubrication, abrasives, adhesives, special compounds
Process Consumables-additives, chemicals
Hardware , gaskets, packings, fasteners & Construction Materials
HVAC, Fire Protection , Security & Surveillance & BOP Systems

Gas/Steam Turbine Auxiliary System Packaged Skids
  Symtech can provide Auxiliary systems skids designed to customer application and specification or built to customer drawings. Our OEM Certified engineering associates will ensure that the components and systems comply with performance and integration requirements of the overall plant.

Our OEM and ASME Certified manufacturing facility provides quick turnaround of skids and can undertake on-site installation, commissioning and complete functional testing.

Symtech provides skids and designs for applications including, but not limited to:
Fuel additive
Liquid Fuel Forwarding
Multi-Fuel Transfer
Gas Fuel Regulation
Water Injection
Water Wash
Gas Fuel
Waste fuel handling
Off-site & on-site services through specialized service providers can be undertaken for the following:
Generator inspection, testing, re-winding & overhauls
HT Motors - repair & re-winding


Condenser dog-bone expansion joint replacements


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